Small Talks – Charm of Street


I’m doing well and hope you all are also doing great!

Last week I thought of going on the local streets with my camera and therefore, I grabbed my camera and went to the streets and road of New Delhi..

I was able to get some good clicks and out of them I am going to share the best and my favourites..


I like this photo because of the emotions on every face.. Cobbler is busy with his work while the small guy is cracking jokes and laughing on his own. The person sitting on the right is busy in listening that boy and enjoying his tea..

Another one is here:


Actually I wanted to click this photo without knowing the seller. However, the moment I pointed my camera towards the shop, the seller said on his own “Let me come in the middle of my shop”. Therefore, I clicked it as a planned photo.

It was nice experience last week on the street and it is motivating me to click more in the different parts of Delhi now.

Let me know how did you find the photos.. I will be back soon with some more click to share with you all.

Nirmit 🙂


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