Neemrana: Baoli Visit

Hello Friends,

I am back with some more photos and a less known place in India. The place is called Neemrana which is in Rajasthan. Usually this place is famous for Neemaran Fort and Zipping. However, there is a Baoli which is from 16th Century and less known, therefore when people visit Neemaran, they end up with Fort only.

If you have a little more time after visiting Fort and Zipping, I would suggest you to visit this Baoli which behind the Fort. I got a chance to visit it recently so I have clicked some photos which I am more than happy to share with you.






And this is the image of the Well which is right behind the Baoli which was the main source of water.


This place is really peaceful and far from the noisy and people.

This place is open and free to visit.

Let me know if you find this place interesting or like my images.

I will be back soon with something new for sure.

Nirmit 🙂


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