It Happens Only In India!!!


This is Incredible India.. Enjoying Vijayadashami near Nehru Place on the Fly Over Bridge. Vijayadashami is a festival before Diwali celebrated by each and every India. Yes in every part of India, there are many ways to celebrate it.

As per the Hindu Mythology, On this day in the Treta Yug, Rama, also called Shri Ram, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, killed the great demon Ravana who had abducted Rama’s wife Sita to his kingdom of Lanka. Rama, his brother Lakshmana, their follower Hanuman and an army of monkeys fought a great battle to rescue Sita. The entire narrative is recorded in the epic Ramayana, a Hindu scripture.

People on the photograph are actually watching how Lord Rama is killing Rawana by a skit.


I am sure it will be a great experience for you if you haven’t been to India.


Nirmit 🙂


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