The Begumpur Mosque


Today I am going to share a photograph of one more Heritage Property in New Delhi, India. Its known as “The Begumpur Mosque”



The Begumpur Mosque, a vestige of the old city, of overall layout plan of 90 m × 94 m in size with the inner courtyard measuring 75 m × 80 m, is said to be patterned on an Iranian design planned by the Iranian architect Zahir al-Din al-Jayush. A majestic building in the heart of the city with a pride of place played a pivotal role of serving as a madrasa, an administrative centre with the treasury and a mosque of large proportions serving as a social community hub surrounded by a market area. It has an unusual layout with three arch covered passages with a “three by eight” deep nine bay prayer hall on the west. Construction of this mosque is credited to two sources. One view is that it was built by Khan-i-Jahan Maqbul Tilangani, Prime Minister during Feroz Shah Tughlaq’s rule, who was also builder of six more masjids (two of them in the close vicinity). The other view is that it was built by Tughlaq because of its proximity to Bijay Mandal and could probably be dated to 1351 A.D., the year Tughlaq died here.In support of the second view, it is said that Ibn Batuta, the chronicler of the period (till his departure from Delhi in 1341 A.D.) had not recorded this monument.


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Nirmit 🙂


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