A Hunting Lodge or A Haunting Lodge.


I hope you all are doing great. Today I am going to share one photograph which is from a very interesting place. The place is known as “Bhooli Bhatiyari“.



Bhooli Bhatiyari is the ‘so-called’ haunted fortress (Initially a hunting lodge) of Tughlaq, situated near Karol Bagh in New Delhi. It is said that no guards were ever able to guard this place in evening. Police blocks the road during night and this is a total no-man land as the sun sets.

Once you will reach at this place, you will feel that negative gesture and you might also like the spooky environment.

Published: This photograph was published in one of the national new paper “The Hindu” on November 10th as this photograph was also selected as a winner in the competition organised by Delhi Heritage Photography Club. I am sharing the link if you wish to visit.

Click Here: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-newdelhi/a-helping-hand-for-heritage/article4083948.ece


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