An Old Bridge @ Allahabad, Utter Pradesh


This is one of my recent clicks at Allahabad, Utter Pradesh.


This is an old bridge which connects two sides of the city. It’s made up of hard metal which is there for more than 50 years now. You will be able to see the river Ganga below the bridge. I clicked this photograph from New Bridge. I did click some photos for New Bridge which you will see in my future posts.

It was around 6 O’clock in the evening when I clicked this photograph. I was so amazed by the reflection of the sun on Ganga. I was able to see those two sides of the bridge connected by the bridge and sun on the left hand side of the frame with this beautiful reflection.

I have added this photograph in my 2013 Calendar.

After clicking this photograph I wanted to go on this bridge. Finally I asked my cousin to take me there as he is the one who took me to New Bridge. I tried to click one photograph of the old bridge which is completely covered by the metal from a running bike. I am sharing the photograph below. It is like a tunnel.


These two photographs are from my journey to Allahabad. I have clicked some other photographs which will be shared soon.


Nirmit  🙂


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